1966 Ford Mustang Fastback in Candy Apple Red

1966 C-Code 2+2 Ford Mustang in Candy Apple Red with all GT trim (Fog Lights, Hood Chrome Trim, 13/16″ Front Sway Bar, Dual Exhaust at rear bumper) Air Conditioning, Hurts 4-Speed, Rally Pac Wheels on new tires.

The car had originally started as a 2 Barrel carburetor set-up, but was upgraded to a 4 Barrel. It has a Ford 9″ Rear End.

Complete nut, and bolt rotisserie restoration with nothing overlooked!
New metal from trunk to the firewall.
Amazing weld work, panel fitment, and paint work.
The engine bay is extremely clean, the undercarriage is extremely clean, and the interior is near flawless.
This car runs, and drives like new. Brakes are very touchy.
The story : A rich man living in Redding, California had a collections of restored Ford Mustang from Coupes to Convertibles, Fastbacks, and GT350 / 500 cars. This car was restored 7 years ago with the intention of being given to one of the sons who was soon to graduate high school. The son did something very stupid, and the Father decided to teach him a lesson. Only one of the two sons got a Fastback as a gift for graduation. I bought this car from an older man who drove it 5 times during sunny weather in the most north-western point of America and trucked it home via enclosed carrier.
Negative : The trunk is hard to open. The AC does not blow cold. I plan to tackle this issue soon.
Walk-Around Video :

Driving Video :


Factory VIN decode :

Warranty Number: 6T09C145403

Year: 6 1966
Plant: T Metuchen, NJ
Body Series: 09 2+2 Fastback
Engine: C 289 2v V8
Unit: 145403 145403

Miscellaneous Vehicle Data

Body: 63A 2+2 Fastback, Standard Interior
Color: T Candy Apple Red
Trim: 26 Black Crinkle Vinyl and Black Rosette Vinyl, Standard Interior
Date: 09L November 09, 1965
D.S.O: 26 Washington
Axle: F 2.80:1, Limited-Slip
Trans: 5 4-Speed Manual


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