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1967 Ford Mustang

1967 Ford Mustang

1967 Ford Mustang C-Code V8 in Lime Gold with rare telescopic steering wheel. When you open the door the steering wheel tilts to the right to make it easier for you to get in. Once your knees are in you close the door, kick the steering back to the left and the car can be started.
This car was purchased by its 2nd owner when it had 500 miles on the odometer. The name of the buyer was Sally Close. Its a funny coincidence because back in the day they had a song called Mustang Sally (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvHuv9xVB9E). The Mustang outlived Sally, and was then inherited by her son. Her son used the car for 10 years, and passed the car over to his son when he graduated from High School. The father was in the military, and the son had followed his footsteps. When the son was sent out to Afghanistan they decided that they would put the car up for sale.
The car has always been cared for, garaged, and rarely used. The Father told me that the only things on the car which are not original is the gas tank, and the re-upholstered front seats. The car has original 107000 miles on it.
You can tell that this car was cared for. All of the rubber seals are soft, and the doors close like butter. The headliner, carpet, dash, panels, gauge cluster are in good shape. The most wear would most likely be the higher portion of the driver side door panel (see photo). They are usually painted at least once in a Mustangs life time.
The Father claimed that the car was original paint, and had never seen a body shop. The paint on the car is in great condition apart from minimal dings, and dents here or there. Some areas of the car have a little bit of patina. The front edge of the hood, and especially the trunk has some faded areas but are minimal. I believe that this car is either original paint, or mostly original paint. There are certain few places that have questionable errors, but the last time I questioned these exact “factory errors” I was wrong when double checking with a paint gun from a friend.
All of the stamps are still there on the front fenders, and rear quarters. Even the factory chalk mark is still on the hood. The car runs, and drives very good. The power steering works wonderful and allows you to drive with 1 finger if you wanted to. The only thing that this car needs is shocks. They are a little bit lazy, and sometimes make squeaky noises. Apart from that it corners tight, and nothing rattles or shakes anywhere. All of the lights work as they should inside and out, and the fan / heat works very good as well.
The body is in fantastic shape although coming from a cold state like Washington. There is no rust / rot anywhere on this car. The worst areas are simple surface discoloration.
The car comes with a few records from the previous owners, original matching Mustang manual with factory VIN stamp, jack, spare, and tool bag, and original keys.
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