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Overseas Shipping

Overseas Shipping

Are you interested in a vehicle, and would like to find out how much it would cost to ship it?

Below you will find a list of prices to the most common destinations.

Basic size outline :

  • Small Car (1965-1980’s Porsche size)
  • Med Size (1965-1968 Ford Mustang)
  •   Large (1960’s and 1970’s Muscle Cars)
  • Small SUV (Toyota FJ40<)/li>
  • Extra Large Car (1950’s-1970’s Volkswagen Buses / Campers)

Destinations :

  • Bremerhaven / Rotterdam (S) 1150, (M)1250, (L) 1350, (S SUV) 1550, (XL) 1700
  • Felixstowe / Tilbury, United Kingdom (S) 1200, (M) 1300, (L) 1400, (S SUV) 1600, (XL) 1700
  • Le Havre, France (S) 1250, (M) 1380, (L) 1480, (S SUV, XL) 1600



All of our pricing, and shipping is done through Nicholas Van Winkle at (310) 223-0474 ext 2145 Nick@cfrrinkens.com

CFR Rinkens LLC  |  15501 Texaco Avenue  |  Paramount, CA 90723

office 310-223-0474

Below you will find a video which shows in detail how your vehicle will be shipped inside of a container.

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