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1981 Volkswagen Westfalia in Collectible Condition

1981 Volkswagen Westfalia in Collectible Condition

On offer today is a wonderfulIy restored 1981 Volkswagen Westfalia with an Ivory exterior and brown interior with 180,000 on the odometer.

Bus received a fresh paint job in 2018. The paint finish, quality is really good. Especially around the critical areas like the panel separation lines, windows. All of the windows were taken out and new rubbers were installed through the entire bus. It’s very straight. The fiberglass pop top has also been repainted with a new seal. New side mirrors were purchased, installed. Tent is in usable shape. All of the windows except the front windshield and cargo door are tinted. The cargo door was also at some point, but the window was replaced and have not had a chance to re-apply tint once more. It helps keep the car pretty cool inside. It has new windshield wiper blades and windshield. No pits or rock chips. The rest of the windows are all factory Sekurit.

The sun visors, headliner, front seats, couch cushions and rear cargo door area has been re-upholstered. The backs remained original style while the front face has been updated to a floral design. Driver side shows a bit of wear in the center. The foam is in good shape. The floor carpet is original, but clean. As are the curtains. The kitchen cabinetry is well preserved, although the 2 tables could use some new trim. Or perhaps just some glue, tender loving care. Those pop top has 2 dampers and it really helps with lifting the top without having to apply much pressure. Behind both seats are more hangable cargo racks, and an extra manual fire extinguisher.

The bus runs and drives really well. So well, in fact I did a 600 mile road trip without any issues or adding any extra oil. Just take a look at the sweet pictures.

The engine has been completely rebuilt using only all the correct OEM parts. A receipt can be found in the file from 2015. Inside the engine lid, in the heat padding is a fire extinguishing system in case of an engine fire. The system is automatic. There is a new catalytic convertor, engine mounts, oil cooler. Differential seals replaced also.

Fuethermore the transmission has been rebuilt in 2017. A receipt is included in the file.

The bus starts cold without having to touch the gas pedal, keeps idle perfectly even after driving a few hundred miles, and starts on the first turn when hot. If you know Volkswagen you know those are important little key tells to a healthy aircooled motor.

The transmission received new bushings. It shifts through all the gears as it should and has a good amount of power.

The suspension has also received some upgrades, mainly on the front of the bus. The upper and lower ball joints were replaced as well as the front tie rod ends. All rear CV joints replaced.

She’s sporting a nice set of all terrain BF Goodridge tires. Which they don’t produce anymore, but we have a 5th new tire included.

The bus has a new main battery, and an additional battery which is connected to an inverter that you can plug your electronics to.

The stereo system has got some very, very loud 2 speakers that were installed inside the front doors including some sound deadining material for the extra bass. Never heard a bus with such a good sound system which by the way has a kill switch right behind you he steering wheel.

Included in the file is a clean California title, approximately $26,600 of work all together. Yes, that much..!!

There is a manual, warranty & maintenance booklet, a service book, refrigerator execution manual, additional nets and tools from the factory, misc. spare parts. This is a very well sorted bus ready for the next adventure.

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