1970 Volvo P1800 Hot Rod

Hotrod 1970 Volvo P1800 with 175K on the odometer in Acrylic Black Paint (Original Color Code : 42, California White)

  • Manual 4 speed transmission with over drive in good working order.
  • Although the car has Minnesota license plates it was Waynes personal car which was in California for over 20 years. Wayne is the owner of Volvos Only, a shop which specializes in maintenance, modifications, and restoration.
  • Good repaint in non original Acrylic Black Paint with some blemishes, waves (7.5/10). Decent gaps. Chrome trim is okay, but not perfect. A few dents that need to be messaged (roof, hood). Undercarriage is original and rust free.
  • The engine was bored out up to 2300cc’s with cams, a 3 core aluminum radiator, sway bar and drop links. For a P1800 its really fast!!–
  • The original wheels were widened to put more beefier tires..!
  • It also has a rebuilt transmission, new optima battery, new bushings, ball joints and 73ES touring seats. This is the perfect GT spec car for spirited long distance drives. He installed a later model Volvo power steering and it works great!
What could be done to make it better?
There is a few trim pieces that come with the car which are not currently installed (interior). The suspension is okay, but could use some fine tuning to make the car more balanced around big bumps. New set of tires, and new brake pads in the rear / tighten the hand brake.

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