1976 Volkswagen Westfalia

Great little bus from California that made its way to Oregon.

Extremely well preserved, and dry bus apart from the little hole under the passenger battery tray, and some bubbling under the windows. The undercarriage is really nice, its one of the best examples I have seen.

The bus runs, and drives really nice. You can drive it 100 miles then pull off of the freeway and it will run the same. It won’t shut off on you, it doesn’t overheat or smoke.

The owner said he rebuilt the motor some 20k miles ago.

The steering is really tight, and the brakes are good as well.

There is a noise in the transmission when in lower gears and under acceleration which I believe is a bearing / adjustment. The passenger side has a clunk that may need a new lower arm bushing but I couldn’t see the problem from underneath. All seems solid and ok.

The bus is extremely original, and very functional.

Although the original seats were changed they put really comfortable RX7 seats with an inflatable padding for your lower back. Really nice on the long drive.

It has an electric RPM tech, second battery, and an after market radio which sounds really good.

There are some minimal records, and a manual, plus misc. parts like belts, fuel pump, spark plugs, oil… things to have when the bus broke down on the road.

I have the 5th wheel that bolts onto the front, but I took it off for the photos.

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