1977 Mercedes Benz 450SL

1977 Mercedes Benz 450SL in Astral Silver Metallic (Color Code 735) and Mesa Red Interior (585).
Technik : Starts up easy, without any hesitation. The engine runs smooth and there is no smoke coming out of the exhaust. It cruises down the road very nicely. 80 MPH (or 130KPH) is not a problem. The car driver, tracks straight without any rattles or shakes. The engine has been rebuilt, the transmission has been serviced, the water pump, power steering pump, and steering box has been either replaced or rebuilt. Receipts adding up to approx. $3300 in the last few thousand miles.
Exterior : Body lines, and gaps are really good. The chrome pieces are in nice shape without any major scratches or dings. All the glass is really clean. The paint job shows near perfect on the photos, however the clear coat has started to fade a bit, especially towards the rear end of the car. It has a nice red pin striping across but can easily be taken off if you do not like it. Undercarriage is clean, rust free, and free from major accidents.
Interior : Amazing Mesa Red interior in incredible shape. The dash, carpet, seats, headliner are all very clean and the glass has a slight tint on it just to block out some sun. The original classic Becker radio works, as does the antenna. There is a vintage Nardi steering wheel. The previous owner wanted to emulate the SLC wood trim interior. The center console has been redone in really beautiful rose wood and there are more pieces to finish the interior included with the car.
The car comes with receipts for recent service, original factory manuals and warranty booklets, misc. parts (new head rests, sun visors, wood trim to match the center console, new turning signal.

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