1978 Volkswagen Westfalia Camper

This Camper was owned by an old man who liked to travel with his wife from state to state Camping and enjoying the great outdoors. He would hook up a hitch for extra storage.

The engine, suspension, brakes all work great. It doesn’t pull, and doesn’t sway from side to side. It happily cruises along 55-60 MPH.

The fuel injection system is still completely in tact, which makes it better on gas and easy to start when cold.

Old man said that this bus was painted in 1991. It shines up really great..! I would rate the paint job 8.5.-9/10.

The Interior is mostly original, and super clean as well. The front seats were just re-upholstered with new foam, and period correct green tartan fabric.

The carpet, rubber padding, wood kick panels are all original, and the rear cushions are as well.

It comes with the swivel / captains chair option for the passenger seat which wasn’t in all of them. The curtains are all brand new, including the extra long one for the windshield to use when camping.

The undercarriage is incredibly clean apart from a few surface rust areas. Both battery boxes are completely intact and have never been messed with. It has two batteries and a trickle charger hook up for when you put her away in storage.

What can be better?

The windshield has one pit in it, the dash has a few cracks, and there are tiny bubbles in some areas. One tiny bubble on the passenger door smaller than your pinky, and a few little ones under some of the windows along the side.


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