1967 Ford Mustang Vinyl Top in Arcadian Blue 9/9/2016

1967 Ford Mustang with a vinyl top in Arcadian Blue

This Mustang was was built at the San Jose production plant in California, and shipped off to its owner by special order to Los Angeles, California.
According to the VIN break down its special order unit 0734. This car was ordered with disc brakes, power brake booster, power steering, and air conditioning.
It runs, and drives really nicely. The suspension and steering are really tight. The engine and transmission were (according to the previous owner) apparently rebuild in the past, although I do not have receipts to prove that statement.
From my personal experience the compression, and power would suggest that to be true. The slight nudge / kick you feel in the transmission is also present which is a sign that new gears have been installed.
It has been repainted a long time ago. The paint is very presentable with good body fitment, and gaps. The doors shut really well with the Mustang ping.
I would have to rate the paint job a 7 because there are lots of rock chip touch ups on the lower front valance, and a few discoloration areas where water may have sat. There are also rock chips behind the rear wheels as if someone had done a few fast take offs on a dirt road. It looks like the trunk lid has been replaced because the seal is missing, and there is red paint underneath. There is no red paint anywhere else on the car.
It has a few tiny bubbles but otherwise completely rust free. The floors look original, and extremely dry.
Interior is very clean, and tidy. Underneath the driver side visor there is a 3 square inch hole. Very strange, don’t understand how that could have happened. The visor hides the cut.
Carpet, seats, dash, lights, gauges all in good working order. The fans work, but I did not feel cold air being blowed from the AC unit.
Overall a very original car that runs, and drives great. Clean title.

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