1975 BMW 2002

1975 BMW 2002

  • In 1975 there were only about 10,442 BMW 2002 imported into the US. This one is in a very rare, factory color called mint green (Mintgrun).
  • With the vehicle I have history going back to day one including a window sticker, and original sale receipt. The owner had traded in a 1966 Ford Mustang as a down payment to get this car…! 😀
  • Back in 1975 this car cost the owner $7,094.
  • The car has been repainted once in its factory color. The paint job is really nice. I would rate it 8.5/10. There are a few tiny scratches, imperfections.
  • The interior is really clean, and tidy.
  • The dash is nice, but it does have 2 hairline cracks in it.
  • Undercarriage is completely rust free.
  • The single carb. has just been rebuilt as well as the brakes. They received a 2 piston upgrade. The car stops on a dime!
What can be improved?
The driver door latch / receiver needs to be replaced. When you hit bumps you can hear the door not being held in place because the latch / receiver is worn out.
The steering has a little bit of play. The carburator has been rebuilt, but it still needs a little adjusting. If you press the throttle 20% it has a dead spot, but if you give it more gas it accelerates very quickly.
There is an exhaust leak and you can hear a clicking noise. The shifting boot needs to be replaced.

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