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The engine is stock, aside from the very rare triple Makuni carburetors and headers that make the car easily get up to 6 1/2 / Redline.

H4 headlights, and lense covers and new Koni wheels with preferred driver tires, new urethane bushings, 5 speed.

The car is a great driver, and feels like a tight 240 should.

The paint isn’t perfect, it’s got chips, and dings. The hood was re sprayed, and maybe the headlight covers but everything else seems original.

It has a little bubbling on the fender wells / dog legs.

The windshield has some pits, and the dash has some cracks.

The vehicle is located in Sunny California, but shipping in no problem.

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1987 G50 Silver / Black Porsche with 215K on the ODO.
The car runs, and drives great with amazing oil pressure.
The mechanic performed an engine compression / leak down test :
1) 100/96 4% at 180PSI
2) 100/89 11% at 182.5PSI
3) 100/94 6% at 185 PSI
4) 100/96 6% at 185PSI
5) 100/97 3% at 175PSI
6) 100/95 5% at 177.5PSi
The car comes with records of approx. 25k put into it from the last owner who had it since 1993.
I don’t see any signs of any accidents and the Carfax says the same.
As you already know, this car went through approx. 900 miles with me in 1 day. There are no mechanical issues. No rust (some dis-coloration under battery just needs to be cleaned out).
The AC blows ice cold, and the climate control works!!! Sports seats!!
The transmission shifts flawlessly.
The motor has a little bit of seeping, but is dry for the most part.
I would rate the second  coat paint job a 8.5/10 because some seals have overspray, and there is an area on the driver side rear quarter where there is some acrylic / water base mix happening. I tried really hard to take a photo, but its very hard to notice unless you are right at it looking for it. TINY.
There is a few more blemishes with the front bumper, and the sunroof / windshield seal with a little bit of flaking.
The interior is very clean, and well taken care of. I believe that part of the driver seat has been redone, but it is very nice still with minimal wear.
The car comes with 2 keys, manual, receipts, spare, jack.


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For sale is a very nice 1979 Porsche 911 SC.

This car was owned by the same gentleman for over 10+ years, and he had only put 4K miles on it!!

This was a part of his small 2 car collection the other car being a 25 thousand mile original Cadillac Deville which never left the house, but was always ready to go.

The car looks, drives, and presents itself very well.

It bears a 2nd coat of the factory matching Mocha Brown color.

The motor runs, and the car feels extremely tight like a Porsche should be. You feel very comfortable going into a corner at full throttle 4+k RPM without getting any wheel feedback.

All the syncros work perfectly, and the car has recently re-finished sports seats. They just hug you!

Some basic documentation, manual, tools, jack, spare included.

One of the last 911’s left in good shape for a normal price.

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