1970 Chevrolet Nova

For sale is a nice 2 owner, highly documented 1970 Chevrolet Nova
Mechanical : Starts up easily when cold or hot. Engine idles, runs very smooth. The original 307 200 Horsepower V8 has been upgraded from a 2 to 4 barrel carburetor (which was recently rebuilt) for a little bit more pepp. Steering box is tight, precise. The suspension has a lot of new parts which make it very nice to drive. It moves down the road straight, brakes straight. Since acquiring the vehicle in 1990 the 2nd owner performed a ton of work on the car for which he kept every single receipt in the folder. He spent a little over $20,000 in maintenance. According to the receipts the previous owner was very meticulous. Multiple sets of tires, constant alignments, brake adjustments, cable / hose replacements, lubrication, r&r of parts as needed. There is a little over $20,000 just in receipts in maintenance. I’ve outlined a good portion of them in the photo album with dates, mileage. Although there is a receipt for each individual shop visit with more specifics on misc. pieces repaired or replaced.

Exterior / Body : The car was repainted in the original color back in 1994. The paint job has a nice finish, but it is not perfect. A 7.5/10. There are a few chips here, there. Panel fitment is decent. Doors open, shut with the right amount of thump. The hood and trunk click in, and lock nice. All the glass is in very good condition. Antenna for the radio is inside the windshield. Chrome is shiny, straight.

Interior : Clean, tidy interior with lots of new pieces. Recent carpet, headliner, dash, door panel, sun visor, arm rest, kick panels, matt replacement. Windows move up and down easily.

History : Purchased in San Diego, California it remained in southern California all of its life. Still has the original California blue and yellow license plates.Original sales contract is still in the file. It shows that the original owner had purchased this vehicle for the amount of $2950. He traded in a 1968 Chevrolet Nova for this car. I thought that was pretty neat.In 1990 the vehicle was sold to the 2nd owner at which point he began to document, file maintenance receipts inside a folder. Inside the folder he saved every single registration slip, 2 separate vehicle manuals, a shop manual as well as a very specific tuning diagrams, passenger car specification booklets, few misc. parts catalogues.

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1965 Ford Mustang

For sale is a very nice 1965 Ford Mustang in Arctic White exterior with black interior.

The car was originally procured in San Jose, California with a DSO of Seattle, Washington. It lived most of its life on the pacific north west.

It starts up easily cold or hot and cruises down the road quietly with ease.
Suspension, steering box, brakes are in good working order. It drives the way most Mustangs are supposed to. Light, nimble.

Interior has also been restored including a new carpet, headliner, door panels, seat upholstery (front and back), rubber Pony logo trunk mats, dash pad, instrument cluster. It also has new rubbers all the way around including a new windshield, windshield wipers. The exterior chrome trim is in good shape and has no damage apart from a few small scratches.

There has been some weld work done on the chassis, however the work was well done (see undercarriage photos). The paint job is very good. An easy 9.5/10.

History : The previous owner had purchased the car in the mid early 90s from a newspaper ad which read simply ’65 Mustang $3000 456-7239 (see photo included in the gallery). He began to restore the car in 1997 by rebuilding the original 2 barrel carburetor (C6DF-F, receipt copy included in gallery). Shortly there after the engine was completely rebuilt (receipt copy including in gallery) to the tune of 2143.42. The engine build included a competition cam, .30 over piston set (turning the engine from a 289 to 302) with stock crank, rod specs. Engine build specific outlined in the paperwork included with the car. In 2001 the transmissions was slipping and was also overhauled (receipt included in gallery) including rebuilsing the torque convertor. The restoration continued up until mid 2019 where the car received an excellent paint job with laser straight body work, good panel fitment followed by overhauling the rear differential. The current mileage on the odometer is 11,6XX which, according to the receipts puts the engine mileage at about 15,000-20,000 mile range.

This car has been mechanically, and aesthetically restored with the restoration process taking almost 20 years. Its ready for the new owner to enjoy her and perhaps add his personal touch.

Options :
– Bench Seat
– Front Wheel Disc Brakes
– Rally Wheels with beauty rings, BF Goodridge white letter tires
– Vinyl Top

VIN # Breakdown 5R07C207750
5 – 1965
R – Built in San Jose, California
07 – Hard Top
C – 289 V8 2 Barrel Carburetor

65C – Hard top, standard interior, bench seat
K – Silver smoke grey
36 – Black Bench Seat
08R – Date
74 – DSO (district sales office) Seattle, Washington
6 – Rear axle 2.80 gearing
6 – C4 Automatic Transmission

High Res Gallery / Walk Around Video :
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1966 Ford Mustang Coupe

For sale is a very nice 1966 Ford Mustang in Wimbeldon white exterior on red crinkle vinyl interior.

This car has the original California black and yellow license plates which means it has been in California since day 1.

The previous owner was an older gentleman who had the car restored close to 20 years ago for his wife. He sunk a great deal of money into the car.

The engine, transmission (automatic) were recently rebuilt.
It starts up very easily, and has a good low volume V8 rumble from the dual Cherry Bomb Turbo mufflers. The exhaust is also routed through a GT style rear valance with correct exhaust tips. It cruises down the highway with low temps even on a hot summer day with air conditioning.

Body is extremely straight, and the paint job is well done.

Interior is extremely clean, and a very good contrast to the exterior. The inside of the doors were painted with a nice two stage metallic candy paint, as well as the rear passenger quarter trim pieces. It has a brand new air conditioning unit that’s ice cold.

Clean trunk areas with correct matt, spare wheel cover. It has an original black “steelie” spare with new rubber, jack.

She is sitting on Rally wheels with a tasteful, period white stripe on the tires.

Options :
– Power Brakes
– Disc Brakes
– Air Conditioning
– Rally Wheels
– Dual Exhaust
– GT Rear Valance
– Painted inner door / rear quarter trim pockets
VIN # 6R07T….

If you are looking for a great Pony that can be enjoyed right away look no further.

High Res Gallery / Walk Around Video :
Click the image below to enter the 100+ Photo Gallery that includes an undercarriage video.