Having great passion for traveling, classic cars I thought it would also be a good idea to document some of my personal builds and hunting adventures. Classic cars tend to have an interesting story and sometimes even interesting owners.

As I began to meet people alike I began to share my stories and trade / sell / rent my cars. What started as a hobby has since turned into a passionate business, and has been steadily growing. I receive requests from dealers, friends, and even strangers looking for that special car or project.

If you are looking for assistance in purchasing, inspecting or locating a classic vehicle in the United States you are in the right place.

Vehicle PPI (Pre-Purchase-Inspection) and Escrow Service


Once you have chosen a specific vehicle we will find it for you, contact the seller on your behalf, and inspect the vehicle locally or beyond. You will receive our detailed evaluation of the vehicle including photos, video, CARFAX (1981 and up).

We will negotiate the best possible purchase price and reserve the vehicle on your behalf.

After the vehicle has been purchased we will deliver the vehicle to the CFR Rinkens headquarters in Paramount, CA and pay for the Ocean Freight fees, and optional Insurance at which point you will receive a condition report, and check in photos. After receipt of the balance due (including our service fee) via wire transfer from your bank, Vintage car Connections will advise the shipping agent to release the cargo for loading. You will receive an update from CFR Rinkens once your cargo has departed from the Long Beach port with a copy of the Bill of Lading, and tracking information as well as an estimated time of arrival at the destination port including the contact information for the unloading agent. Transit time from port of Los Angeles up to Bremerhaven or Rotterdam is about 4 weeks on water (please allow an additional 10-14 days for loading and clearance).

The buyer is responsible for all destination fees such as unloading, terminal handling charges, customs clearance, licensing, and road legal adjustments (lights, tires, electrical, etc).

If you would like to read about some of our references please visit the testimonials page by clicking here.

We also offer thorough Vehicle Inspections for customers who would like to insure that what they are buying is not junk or mis-represented by the seller. In order to have a vehicle inspected please send an email to with a link to the vehicle you are interested in / contact information for the seller. We will contact the seller, and arrange an appointment to view the vehicle after the fee has been satisfied. An inspection is designed based on what your needs are, but each one comes with a set of basic attributes. When you request for a Vehicle Inspection you automatically get :

  • a. 100 Photos of the vehicle.
  • b. Detailed description of the vehicles condition.
  • c. Video(s) of the vehicle running / driving.

When requesting an inspection there are three different categories.

Category 1 is designed for local vehicles within 50 miles from Los Angeles. ($400)

Category 2 reaches out to further support your inspection needs anywhere from 50-100 miles from Los Angeles. ($500)

Category 3 Is undefined, which means that we will cater to your needs. Please specify exactly where the vehicle is, and we will revert back with a quote. Please see a few samples below :

Sample 1 :

Vehicle Inspection

I met up with Dean this morning up in Idlewyld, CA the mountain is 5000 feet in elevation.
Very cold place! The owner, and car are great. The owner of the car is in the entertainment business and has his own collection of cars. He has owned hundreds of cars through out his life because he has got “the sickness”.
We talked about all kinds of cars, and he not only knows his stuff but opens his wallet to make sure everything is right. This car is no stranger to an open check book policy with premium shops.
He told me that he spent $18,000 in paint alone. The car ran, and drive nice and tight. The suspension, and bushings are all tight and in good order the car sits on new tires. He had just done a tune up, and replacement of any old tubes, and hoses including bushings in the suspension with what he calls the Corvette “God”.
The paint job is very nice and clean, the bumpers are very shiny and apart from the windshield all the glass is original. He said that he had the replacement windshield date stamped to be period correct which cost $450 for just that! The interior is clean, and tidy. Everything works except for the clock. There are a few spots that I didn’t like on the paint.
The back left bracket that holds the bumper has a bubble / paint imperfection (see photo), the exhaust has a bit of overspray from the paint. Apart from that I did not find anything abnormal on the car.
He has very good documentation up to the original registration, and some other goodies.

Video :


Sample 2:

Vehicle PPI (Pre-Purchase-Inspection)

I met up with Dan little bit earlier today to take a look at his Studebaker.
Great little car! Very, very original 2nd paint car that is more than presentable, although not perfect! The car is very solid, and apart from very minor surface rust here, and there I couldn’t find any corrosion. The paint is very nice, but around some various edges is not perfect. The rear passenger side has some strange discoloring from what looks to be like either older paint, or not perfectly cured paint. Not sure… I have checked the inner fender, and it doesn’t have any structural damage, or wrinkles that you would typically see if it was hit.
Therefore I don’t think the car was ever involved in an accident just paint issues. The interior, glass, and chrome is in great shape. The owner had mentioned some various things that are not perfect including the shock towers for the trunk, a cracked interior switch which he will include a replacement of, and the lighter that doesn’t work.
The car ran, and drove very nice. Drives, and brakes straight with extremely low wheel shake or vibration.
All the lights work perfect including the running light on top of the fenders. He has a VIN decoder, said that the car is traceable back to the original owner, has the original manual, some original black / white photos from back in the day.

Video 1 (Walk-Around) :

Video 2 (Drive) :


Sample 3 :

Vehicle PPI (Pre-Purchase-Inspection) 

I met up with the seller Bruce, and he gave me the keys to the car for an hour so I drove to a school parking lot to take photos.
The interior was out of the car the first time I looked at it so I took photos of all the parts. Bruce asked me if he should put it back in, and I told him not to do it because I can take good photos of the floors.
The car runs, and drives good. It started up cold with no problem, and didn’t have any leaks / squeaks. The air blower works, and the heat works but the AC does not (All parts are there). The steering has some play (2 inches each direction), and is VERY tight someone must have tightened it to try and make the play go away.
The body of the car is actually very solid, the only questionable areas with primer are all metal except the driver side sill on the bottom. I took photos with my light magnet, and one photo shows the magnet on the ground which is the only place it did not stick.
There is no question that you will need to paint this car because the paint is cracking everywhere. However the body is very straight and I dont see signs of an accident.
The driver door did not close properly (see photo). All the seams are there in primer, and behind paint but thats good most people paint it, and sand it down. The interior will need to be put back together right. Everything is loose. The dash has crack (see photo). The chrome is not perfect, but presentable. All glass is good. The trunk is very solid.

Video :


Vehicles currently for sale (US)

Currently for sale :





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Vehicles currently for sale (EU)

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1981 Volkswagen Westfalia in Collectible Condition


1981 Volkswagen Westfalia in Collectible Condition with the rare, sought after automatic transmission with only 88500 original miles.
The car runs, drives perfect.

The engine purrs quietly without hesitation or smoke. It doesn’t eat, leak or smell like oil. A recent 1500 mile adventure can attest to the cars reliability right out of the box.

The steering, suspension is precise and true. We just threw on a new set of all-terrain Grabber’ tires that help get to the fun camping spots.

Exterior has been repainted in its original color. We had the car color sanded, polished. Apart from a paint chip here, there it looks perfect!

Interior very original in good condition with minimal wear.
There is no rust underneath, although there is a spot underneath the windshield that could potentially be investigated the size of a dime.
Most of the Vanagon Westy’s in the U.S have 150,000-300,000 miles on them and have had the motor rebuilt. Unfortunately the reproduction parts are not as good as the original. Therefore, an original car like this with under 100,000 miles with a rare transmission which immediately needs nothing and is in near perfect condition would fit into the top 5-10% condition. In our opinion is the perfect usable investment.

Comes with clean title, owners manual, jack, spare, misc. maintenance paperwork.

Click the image below to enter the 100+ high quality photo gallery :

Walk around / driving video :

2004 Chevrolet Corvette


On offer today is a mint 2004 Chevrolet Corvette 6-speed manual in rare Millennium Yellow on black leather interior with 97,000 miles. Last year of the C5 platform. Rare color combination, especially with a manual. Most were Z06’s.

5.7 Litre V8 with 390 Horsepower, 372 Torque. Sounds beastly with little boops, and pops when you accelerate and let off the gas. Very entertaining.

Spot on straight steering feel, tight suspension, good clutch / brakes. Few mods that make it very, very responsive for fun canyon runs.

Near perfect exterior with some chips on the mirrors, front lower fascia.

Near perfect interior with slight wear on the bolster.

Everything works (Including ice cold AC, radio, Bose speakers).

Comes with a clean California title, 1 Master key with electric door remote, 2 additional keys with 1 more electric door remote, manual.

Upgrades :

– BBE Stainless Steel Exhaust ($1300, 12+ HP, 11-13+ TQ)

– 102MM Intake Manifold upgrade ($1200, 30+HP)

– Electric override remote for manual high speed fan switch (traffic / drive through reliability mod)

Option Highlight :

– Side Molding (B84)

– Head up display (UV6)

– Steering Column, Tilt, Telescoping (N37)

– Steering Wheel, Sport Leather (NK4)

– Electrochromatic Mirrors (DD0)

– Mirror, Inside, R/V Light Sensitive (DD8)

– Memory Package (AAB)

– Twilight Sentinel

– Targa Top (CC3)

– Dual Climate Control (CJ2)

– Engine, Gas, 8-Cylinder, 5.7L, SFI, Aluminum (LS1)

– Transmission, Manual 6-Speed, 85 mm, 2.66 1st, 0.50 6th, O/D (MM6)

– Brake System, Power, Front & Rear Disc, Antilock, 4-Wheel (JL9)

– Wheel, 17.0 x 8.5″ Front and 18.0 x 9.5″ Rear, Aluminum, Polished (QF5)

– Axle, Rear, 3.42 Ratio (GU6)

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Walk around / driving video :

1980 Porsche 911sc Targa

On offer today is a mint 1980 Porsche 911sc Targa with only 116k miles in Medium Ivory exterior on Cocoa Leather interior.

Beautiful inside and out. An 8.5/10. Repainted 1990 with Glasurit paint at a European body shop. Still some touch up available.

Same long time owner since 2004. Huge binder of receipts included with repairs, maintenance. totaling approximately $48,000…!!Runs and drives great. Idles with a nice Porsche “zing” as well as the right “ping” when opening / shutting doors. The way they came out of the Porsche factory.

Stays at the 1/4 temp mark with very good oil pressure (around 4-ish) while driving. New clutch, rebuilt transmission, shifter coupling for a tight shift. Turbo Fuchs wheels 16×7 in the front, 16×8 in the back. Turbo 3 spoke steering wheel which is thicker than the standard version. The dash is leather wrapped, as are the door cards. Turbo tie rod ends, mechanical chain tensioner upgrade.

In September of 1979, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) passed a bill which stated that all car, pickup truck and motorcycle speedometers were to display a maximum speed of 85 miles-per-hour.

This U.S. federal regulation also required speedometers to have a special emphasis on the number 55 (the national speed limit at the time).

The 85 mph speedometer mandate ended in 1981 after much debate and little proof it actually did anything to change driver behavior. President Ronald Reagan, who campaigned on a pledge to end excessive government regulation, helped repeal the law. There has never been any data showing that the 85 mph speedometer saved lives.

Porsche was one of the first manufacturers to switch back, offering recalibration and retrofit dials for their cars produced during 1979-1982.

Targa top in perfect condition including top leather, seals, tools.

Clean California title, 3 keys (including red, valet key which does not open the glovebox), spare, jack, touch up paint, manual, warranty book with dealer stamps all the way up to 111k miles.

Just detailed, polished.

Click the image below to enter the 100+ high quality photo gallery :

Walk around / driving video :