1972 Volvo P1800

Restored 1972 Volvo P1800 in Light Blue Metallic (Color Code : 111)

  • Automatic transmission and air conditioning.
  • This car has stayed in California its whole life. Its rust free and still bears the original California blue and yellow plates from the 70’s.
  • Quality paint job in original color (9/10). Really good straight with good gaps. Really nice chrome, rubbers all around. All the glass has its proper Volvo Sigla.
  • Runs, and drives really smooth and cool even on a hot summer day (90+F).
  • Extremely clean, tidy leather interior.
  • There are no rattles, or shakes of any kind.
It came out of a private collection of Volvos by a long time Volvo specific shop owner.
What does it need to be perfect?
The car currently has 25K+ Miles on the odometer, however it does not work because the cable is broken. A new one is being sourced, and installed. The AC does not blow cold but we were also planning to put new R134 freon in. Lock mechanism / receiver, and hood hinges have been painted over. There is a tiny line on the rubbers, and chrome trim which also has overspray. The battery tray has surface rust and looks ugly. The valve cover could use to be powder coated or blasted and chromed.


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