1982 Porsche 911SC in Wine Red Metallic

1982 Porsche 911 SC in rare Red Wine Metallic

This car was received with a good, rust free body. It bears its 80’s vintage California plate you can tell by the three horizontal lines.

When we received the car we immediately took it down to bare metal, dis-assembled it completely and repainted it in the factory color using all new rubbers and seals.

We installed the European tail light / turn signal indicators and threw away the fake Fuchs which were on it.

After the paint job the car received a complete ground up interior. Everything was replaced except the two front seats.

We sought a pair of original sized wheels (6’s and 7’s) which were professionally restored. A new set of BF Good ridge tires, an inch lower in the front / rear with a rear spacer. It makes the car drive a little bit more precise and gives it that aggressive look. A new set of Bilstein shocks were installed along with Turbo torsion bars.

The mechanic did a full tune up including valve adjustment, valve cover gaskets, timing, air / fuel mixture, fluid change, spark plugs, etc.

The end result being a very beautiful, rare colored Porsche set up to enjoy for the years to come.

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