1971 Series 1 Datsun 240z

Series 1 1971 Datsun 240z in 918 Sunset Orange

Rust free Arizona car with 123,500 Miles on the chassis (HLS30-22665) with its original 4-speed transmission and numbers matching engine (L24-029219).
When these cars arrived into the US some dealers offered the car to be undercoated which was done to this Z.
On top of that it was also rust proofed by another Z shop in Arizona which drills small holes into the inner door sills and fills it with rust proof liquid.
Apart from surface rust in very few certain areas the car is completely dry.
It has an air conditioning system which is complete, and turns on when moving the knob but does not blow very cold.
Previous owner installed a cruise control unit which was mounted on the turn signal. I drove this car at 75 MPH for 2 hours with cruise control. Definitely a rare option for a Z I have never seen.
Previous owner took meticulous care of this car, and it can be seen everywhere. The file of receipts has close to $8,000 in work done in the past years.
Car was involved in a small accident (see last photo) which bent the front, and rear bumpers as well as chipped the hood. The insurance company salvaged the car at that time since the bumpers were worth more than the car itself.
After installing new bumpers, and fixing the body issues the owner repainted the car in its original color without changing out any panels.
Paint job is very pretty, and it looks like they even took the windows out, however there are a few paint runs, therefore I would rate it a 8.7.
Car comes with all receipts from previous owners, tools, jack, spare, tire-inflator photographs with last owner and the photos taken after the accident.
Only thing that this car really needs is to have a professional wet-sand / use paint thinner to perfect the paint drips (and they are very minimal!), and tune the carburetors.
All the glass is original. The windshield has 1 half inch rock chip.  Dash has a few cracks.
The car runs very good past 2k RPM, but needs choke help to have smooth take off in 1st gear.

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  1. Soares José on December 28, 2014 at 11:36 pm said:

    Je serais interese par votre 240z ,si pas vendue..?
    Bien cordialement

  2. Hi, is the 240z still for sale?

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