1979 Porsche 911 SC

For sale is a very nice 1979 Porsche 911 SC.

This car was owned by the same gentleman for over 10+ years, and he had only put 4K miles on it!!

This was a part of his small 2 car collection the other car being a 25 thousand mile original Cadillac Deville which never left the house, but was always ready to go.

The car looks, drives, and presents itself very well.

It bears a 2nd coat of the factory matching Mocha Brown color.

The motor runs, and the car feels extremely tight like a Porsche should be. You feel very comfortable going into a corner at full throttle 4+k RPM without getting any wheel feedback.

All the syncros work perfectly, and the car has recently re-finished sports seats. They just hug you!

Some basic documentation, manual, tools, jack, spare included.

One of the last 911’s left in good shape for a normal price.

Gallery :

Video :

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