1977 Mercedes Benz 450SL Project 5/22/2018

1977 Mercedes Benz 450SL with 75k miles on the odometer
First Impression : Clean, little faded in some areas, interior has a few things that could use help. Cheap.
Exterior / Body : Second paint job. A little mute, faded in some areas with some scratches / chips. Strong 6.5. Has a big dent in the passenger rear quarter. No major accidents or structural damage anywhere.
Interior : Clean, and original. Driver seat needs to be redone, dash has a few cracks. Rare rear seats..! Original Becker radio works, as does the electrical antenna. Apparently top is new, but I haven’t had a chance to take the hard top off.
Technik : Starts up easy, drives ok. Tight steering, brakes feel new. Needs an injector, or spark / adjustment. Heater works.
​Drove it 150 miles sometimes at 100 MPH. Did fine.​

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