1973 Dodge Coronet Custom Wagon

1973 Dodge Coronet Wagon Custom 7-Seater Dragster $9,000 Delivered

This is a super, super fun, fast and loud Mopar that will bring someone lots of joy to come…!
This car was a parents Christmas gift for their son back in 1973…
According to the original window sticker this car came with a 318 CI Big Block V8 and Automatic Transmission. It has a few great options such as a front bench seat, electric ignition, power brakes, power steering, front disc brakes, air deflector wing on the rear, power tailgate window (works!). It has fender turn signal blinkers, and the original radio. Both work..!
In 1992 the owner had the original engine rebuilt to the tune of $2439.59. Shortly after the entire family took the car out to the drag strip to have some fun..!
It has been repainted once in its life time in the original color. The paint job was good a long time ago, however at some point a canopy got loose by the wind and made lots of scratches and they were forced to spot paint bare metal areas. I would rate the paint job a 6 because of all the scratches / dings at this point.
The interior is complete, but does have some wear as well. The 2nd bench seat seams have split and the rear plastic pieces have lots of scratches and should be restored. The dash has some cracks, and the windshield does, too.
Most recently a younger man owned this car, and he decided that he wanted to go even faster… He replaced the original 318 CI engine with a Big Block 440….! =D Added air shocks in the rear to lower / raise the back end of the car, and got some beefier tires with slotted mag rims.
This car is ridiculously fast, loud, runs cool and stops on a dime.
The undercarriage is completely rust free. There looks to be a 4 square inch patch on the passenger side behind the rear wheel, but that’s it.
There are lots of records, and receipts for the work done to the tune of $7173.94 not including the original purchase price of the car. Comes with some misc. spare parts including original low beam lights.

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