1977 Volkswagen Transporter Bus with sunroof! 9/10/2016

Completely dry, and rust free. Both battery trays are untouched.
The paint remains original for the exception of the sliding door, and passenger quarter panel. It looks like someone may have just crazed something, and had to repaint those panels. Nice patina with some dents..!
This bus is optioned from the factory with chrome bumpers, and also a sliding sunroof. The sunroof opens and closes freely.
All of the benches are there, and although the front seats have been changed out to Vanagen styled seats I have the two front seats which will be included with the car. I also have a rear deck lid in case someone had an issue with the dent in the rear.
The engine has been rebuilt within the last 5K miles. It starts up cold with one turn, and runs really well. After a 1 hour drive you can turn it off, and back on without any issues. The engine still has the fuel injection system.
Great pancake motor power. The suspension, steering, and brakes work great. The only complaint I have is that the shifter needs new bushings. You can shift through all the gears, but you have find the sweet spot.
It has an aftermarket RPM gauge, gas gauge, and volt meter.
The turn signals, water sprizer, and heater work..! 🙂
I have the original manual, spare, jack, 2 extra front seats and a third front seat, $13,838.23 in misc. receipts for parts, maintenance.

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