1967 Ford Mustang Vinyl Top Red Hot

1967 Ford Mustang

This car was originally produced at the San Jose plant in California. In 1967 Ford produced 356, 271 coupes. This particular car remained in the dessert in a little charming city called Ojai its whole life.
Original black and yellow California plates on the front and back. Previous owned had purchased this car for 15k back in 2008 and proceeded to pour lots of money, and time to make her perfect.
It was never a plan to put this car on the market, but his wife just didn’t know what to do with it after he was gone…
There are two very neat binders with receipts which add up to about $14,900 in previous maintenance, and parts.
This is one of the nicest Mustangs I have ever driven. When you open / close the doors you hear the Mustang ping.
It starts up, and runs flawlessly with incredible oil pressure. It has an Edelbrock 4 barrel performance carb on it. The radiator looks factory, however it is the 3 core upgrade for bettter cooling.
The exterior has been beautifully repainted. Apart from a few tiny blemishes I would easily rate it a 9/10.
This is the closest you can get to restoring a car without actually restoring it.
Almost everything is new inside the interior. The seats were re-done in factory style, however they used leather to upholster them. The second you open the door you can smell it. It has an arm rest, 2 cupholders as well.
It came from the factory with power brakes, disc brakes, power steering. The owner had added an aftermarket old style radio which has an aux cable to plug in your phone / music player. He also installed Serius satellite radio.
The lights have been upgraded to a xenon like bulbs. They shine blue, and are really, really bright. This is the first mustang I’ve driven where you can see the road like you do on a new car.
I have all the original keys, the factory manual, spare, jack, original 1967 registration sticker for the license plate, picture from the past showing the car in its original Sauterne Gold Metallic color, 2 binders of receipts, and maintenance and a clear California title.
Whats not perfect? The inner driver trunk arch has had rust repaired about 1 1/2 inch square box (see photo), some overspray underneath the car (see photo).


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