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Cornado Speed Festival

Today I drove down to Cornado. For those that do not know Cornado is an island that is connected by a big bridge near San Diego.

The island has the biggest American naval base. Each year they host a very special event called the Cornado Speed Festival.

This event is a huge opportunity for all classic car enthusiasts to bring their darling, and to watch some of the fastest vintage cars go around the track.

I had an opportunity to go up on a private stand for the employees which allowed a much better birds eye view of the action.

Beautiful day to be out to enjoy such great cars, and lots of enthusiasm for the vintage car scene.

Enjoy the photos :

  • DSC_0742
  • DSC_0743
  • DSC_0744
  • DSC_0745
  • DSC_0746
  • DSC_0747
  • DSC_0748
  • DSC_0750
  • DSC_0751
  • DSC_0752
  • DSC_0753
  • DSC_0754
  • DSC_0755
  • DSC_0756
  • DSC_0757
  • DSC_0758
  • DSC_0764
  • DSC_0772
  • DSC_0777
  • DSC_0786
  • DSC_0791
  • DSC_0792
  • DSC_0798
  • DSC_0805
  • DSC_0814
  • DSC_0815
  • DSC_0821
  • DSC_0849
  • DSC_0890
  • DSC_0891
  • DSC_0928
  • DSC_0937
  • DSC_0993
  • DSC_0997
  • DSC_1002
  • DSC_1004
  • DSC_1013