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1973 Porsche 914

1973 Porsche 914

Great little ball of sunshine!!

The car does not idle right, because of 1 injector, but once you are above 2.2k rpm it FLIES!

The car drives, brakes, turns around corners like new.

The interior is close to immaculate.

The dash is original, and uncracked, the steering wheel is in good shape, and the seats are close to perfect underneath the sheepskin covers.

The car has no obvious rust. The battery tray has a primer square, but seems completely solid.

The car bears a salvage title because of a rear end accident 35+ years ago, but I crawled underneath it for a long time and could not find anything wrong.

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1972 Volvo P1800ES

Wonderful 1972 P1800ES.

California car all of its life (comes with California Blue plate) New Interior, New Tires, New Paint, Rebuilt motor.The paint job is very nice, and presentable, seats very supple.

The car has been in a restoration process for a very long time, and has not been driven much.

It starts right up, goes through all the gears (4 speed) including over drive.

However, it needs fine tuning. The speedometer was rebuilt, but doesn’t seem to function (gear may be worn out), the gas gauge doesn’t work, and the turn signals don’t turn on. It needs an antenna, a driver side door handle, and the windshield wipers to be put on (comes with the car).

Apart from that it has had all of the hard work taken care of.

It needs a new owner to place the finishing touches and to enjoy it.

The only rust on this car was under the battery tray which was cut out, and a 3×3 inch piece of sheet metal welded.

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